Motorcyclist Killed in Car Accident

Recently, an Oregon motorcyclist was killed when his motorcycle was struck by an oncoming vehicle on highway 126.  According to early reports the motorcyclist was turning left across the highway when he was truck by an oncoming vehicle.  The investigation is ongoing according to the initial traffic accident report.  Below is the initial motorcycle accident report from the Oregon State Police:

Oregon State Police (OSP) is continuing the investigation into the cause of Saturday afternoon’s motorcycle-involved fatal traffic crash that occurred on Highway 126E at Mill Creek Road west of McKenzie Bridge. The victim’s name is released in this update. OSP is seeking witnesses who reportedly were at the intersection when the crash occurred but left before they could be interviewed. ** **

Unfortunately, traffic accidents occur everyday somewhere within Oregon.  If you are involved in serious accident its important to contact an experienced  personal injury attorney to ensure all your legal rights are protected.  There are so many things that occur after an accident it is sometimes hard to know what to do.  A personal injury attorney can help guide you through the difficult times after an accident.

When driving, be sure to utilize all safety equipment and driving laws to help minimize your chances of being involved in a serious accident within Oregon.