The Benefits of Interior Detailing

There are ten reasons why you should have your car cleaned and polished:

  • In order to safeguard your investment.
  • When it’s your turn to transport coworkers to lunch, you don’t want to make a fool of yourself.
  • Your car’s lifespan will be extended.
  • When you’re waiting in line to drop off your kids at school, you don’t want trash to fly out the back of your car.
  • To ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and your passengers.
  • To get rid of irritating dust and allergens in your car, use a vacuum cleaner.
  • To raise the resale value of your car
  • Whether it’s from daily use or that forgotten takeout from weeks ago, keep your car smelling fresh.
  • For the sake of your sanity. When your car is clean, don’t you feel better about it?
  • To clean and free up space for more shopping bags (or groceries).

In terms of deep-cleaning, can you remember how long ago you had your house cleaned? The average one-way commute in the United States has reached an all-time high of 27.6 minutes, according to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau. Going to and from work each week alone requires an incredible amount of time spent behind the wheel, let alone all the other errands and excursions. Professional inside detailing ensures that your car is a healthy and safe place to be, while also keeping it looking brand new for the duration of your ownership.

Protect Your Investment

The more time you spend in the automobile, the more likely you are to make messes. By removing road salt residue, grime, dust, and pre-existing stains, as well as preventing the formation of new ones, having your car detailed on a regular basis will help you save money on depreciation.

Boost the Lifespan of Your Car

It’s better to maintain it than to replace it, so say it with us. It’s critical to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle to avoid long-term wear and tear, which is why it’s so crucial to do so. Every six months, have your car’s inside cleaned by a professional to ensure that it lasts.

Ensure the safety of both you and your passengers.

Safety is our top priority, so we provide an Inner-Guard® PLUS service that can be added on to your inside detailing to help protect against germs, bacteria, and microorganisms that can cause to illnesses like Staph, E. Coli, and Salmonella for up to three months.

Boost the Value of Your Car’s Trade-In Value

Your car or truck will be more valuable if you take good care of it when you put it up for sale, especially when there is a chip scarcity. Maintaining your vehicle can assist ensure that you obtain the most money for your trade-in when you sell.

Make Sure Your Car Remains Fresh-Smelling

Interior detailing will help to remove any odor-causing remains from your vehicle and keep that “new car” fragrance for as long as possible. Most of the time, these are unavoidable and can be caused by your skin’s oils and lotions, as well as outside dust and debris, old food crumbs, and more.

With Interior Detail, you can keep your car clean and fresh.

If you’re looking after your car, don’t overlook the interior. It is possible to eliminate 99 percent of all bacteria from the interior of your car or truck by having it professionally detailed by Tans Auto Detailing. Additionally, you may rest easy knowing that your family is safe and healthy while on vacation.

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Things You Should Do Before You Sell Your Car

You’ve made the decision to sell your car. Perhaps you’re in the market for a new vehicle. Perhaps you’re looking for some extra income. You wish to become a reseller for whatever reason. Along with the essentials, like as getting your documentation in order and having your vehicle cleaned and inspected, you’ll need to select how to sell it.

While selling to a dealership is simple, a dealership may not necessarily pay the greatest price for a used vehicle. You may get more money if you seek out an independent buyer. Whoever your customer is, you’ll want to know the vehicle’s market value – and you’ll want to sell it for the best price possible.

While selling a car can be confusing, understanding how the process works can help. By following these procedures, you’ll be prepared to find a buyer for your vehicle and receive offers.

Examine It

Prospective purchasers may like to test drive a car to ensure that it operates properly. Similarly, before offering your existing vehicle for sale, you may wish to have it inspected professionally by a dealership or independent mechanic. Thus, you can address issues that might otherwise require you to sell for less money, such as body damage, malfunctioning headlights or taillights, or chipped windows.

Prior to performing any maintenance or repairs, you’ll want to assess the value they offer to your vehicle. Spending $200 to repair a chipped windshield, for example, would be a waste of money if it increases the value of the automobile by only $50. Buyers do not expect used cars to be faultless, and you should avoid draining your bank account in an attempt to make yours so.

You may clean up an older vehicle by purchasing new floor mats or replacing worn-out tires. This can result in greater offers if you can demonstrate to prospective buyers that your automobile has been well taken care of, though you should always consider whether you can recoup your refurbishment costs from the sale.

“One of the most important considerations for a used car buyer is the mechanical condition of the vehicle,” says Philip Reed, automotive writer for NerdWallet. “Taking a car to a mechanic for an examination is inconvenient and costly. Thus, eliminating that step increases a car’s desirability to customers by streamlining the process.”

Detail It

A vehicle is typically worth more if the buyer believes the former owner maintained it properly. If your car is clean, you may be able to negotiate a better price rather than selling it as-is. Obtaining a higher price entails more than emptying the garbage and vacuuming the chairs. For approximately $100 to $200, you may have your automobile detailed to restore the seats and carpets to their original state, wipe up the crevices between the seats, and leave the glass and other interior surfaces pristine.

“By giving your interior a fresh, clean aroma, you’ll also make the car feel clean and leave a pleasant impression,” says RJ de Vera of Meguiar, a car care product firm based in Irvine, California.

You don’t want to just hire anyone to detail your car, you need to make sure the business is professional and has a good reputation. At Tans Auto Detailing, they deliver an outstanding finished product and make sure to get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle. So if you’re in Boise, Idaho, visit tans auto detailing website to schedule a detail today.

Determine the Method of Sale

If you decide to sell your automobile, you have a variety of options. To begin, determine your purchaser. Are you interested in selling to a dealer, a private buyer, or a third-party service? Selling through a dealer is easier but results in a lower payment; selling the automobile online or through the ads needs more effort but may result in a higher reward.

With a private-party sale, you’re likely to obtain the best price, whereas selling to a dealership or used-car dealership would net you less money. If you price the car high, it will likely take longer to sell than if you price it lower.

Another possibility is to explore a quick cash offer. Essentially, you supply information about your vehicle, and buyers provide an estimate of what they’re willing to pay based on that information. It’s a simple and convenient way to sell your vehicle. You can use our tool to get started and immediately search for cash offers.

If you’re not interested in interacting with dealers or buyers, consider using one of the third-party marketplaces such as Shift. These companies charge a percentage of the proceeds as a fee, but also assist in simplifying the sales process.

Construct Your Ad

Spend time crafting an enticing description of the automobile you wish to sell. Bear in mind that your vehicle will be competing for attention with dozens of others. You’ll want to set yourself out with an attention-grabbing title, crisp images, and a thorough narrative. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider the most frequently expressed concerns of purchasers, such as condition or mileage. Additionally, you may begin with one of your vehicle’s primary selling features, such as your favorite feature.

It is vital that your advertisement is truthful. If you are caught in a falsehood regarding your automobile, both your credibility with consumers and any possibility of a sale will go. In rare situations, this could result in a sale being ruled null and void, forcing you to return the vehicle.

Clear Your Personal Data

Delete your personal information from previous cars was as simple as emptying the glove compartment. Today, you must take a few additional actions. Along with removing paperwork from the vehicle, you’ll want to erase your technological footprint before selling.

This includes erasing your personal information from the navigation system of your vehicle and canceling any subscriptions, such as OnStar telematics. Numerous navigation systems include a single command that deletes all previously saved destinations and personal data.

If you have satellite radio, you should terminate or transfer your subscription to your new vehicle.